Peak Oil, ça te parle? Nolens, Volens, il arrive!


Au hasard de mes pérégrinations worldwidewebiennes, je suis tombé sur ça :

At this point, the oil age will be closing down. Worldwide production will be declining rapidly through a combination of lower demand and then depletion. In four years sustainable production capacity is likely to be down from 87 million b/d to the vicinity of 80 million. In 10 or 15 years world production is likely to be in the vicinity of 50 million b/d and by mid-century 20 or 30 million.

By the end of the century, oil production will be nearly gone and will be restricted to high-value uses for which there is no alternative. Future generations will either adopt alternative forms of energy, far more efficient machines, or do without. And it all started last July.

Pour ceux que ça intéressent, ça vient d’ici, et ça fait réfléchir à ta consommation régulière d’énergie fossile petit, oui toi avec ton hummer, pense un peu plus à la déflétion fossile ce soir avant de te coucher!