Art Ultime / Colisée

Is it because i am black?

[Verse 1:]
The dark brown shades of my skin only add color to my tears. that splash aganst my hollow bones, that rocks my soul.
Looking back over my false dreams that I once knew. wondering why my dreams never came true.

Is it because I’m black… somebody tell me what can I do…
Something is holding me back, is it because I’m black.
In this world of no pitty I was raised in the ghetto of the city
Momma she worked so hard to earn every penny… oh lord

Something is holding me back cause… is it because I’m black

[Verse 2:]
Like a child steeling his first piece of candy. that cost… even in my corner somewhere I got lost

Something is holding me back… I wonder… is it because I’m black
Somebody tell me what I can do.

Will I survive or will I die.
Keep on holdinig me back
Keep on holding on
Keep on picking on me
Keep on holding me back
Keep on holding on, keep on holding me back
Keep on holding be back, I wonder why you do me like that
But you keep on putting your foot on me
But I’ve got a break a way, some how, some day,
Cause I wanna be somebondy so bad, so so bad, I wanna be somebody. I wanna be somebody so bad.
But something is holding me back
Is it because I’m black, is because I’m black… is because I’m black
Something is holding me back,
I want diamond rings and things.

Quand l'amour de la vie entre en conflit avec celui de la connaissance ... :)

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